1901 Cook Book

I almost squealed in delight when I found this cookbook.  You will become quite familiar with it in the next few weeks, as I plan on featuring pretty much the entire cookbook.  It is all hand written, and it has some of the most fabulous and wacky recipes ever in it.

This is pretty rugged looking, but it is awesome none the less.  It is cloth covered, and is stained with lord knows what from how long ago.

The recipes appear to be a collection from friends and family from all over the place. Where information is provided on the name and location, I will pass it along.  In the center of the book is about 10 pages of names and places where they are from.  I don’t know if this possibly belonged to someone who owned a small in or motel in the area, and this was the book they used to keep their favorite recipes and also to register folks when they stayed.  There are people listed from Toronto even.

This is one of those little cookbooks that you are glad didn’t get chucked into the garbage when people passed on, houses were sold, and attics were cleaned out.  It will be a pleasure sharing some of these recipes with everyone, and hopefully we will all get a lot of enjoyment out of the time honored recipes in this 1901 Cookbook.


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