A small adventure… but lots of rewards for you, I hope!

Old cookbook from Dunkirk, NY

Well, here is my second blog.  It’s a simple and kind of silly idea.  But I have seen so many wonderful recipes that have been thrown away after years of neglect or family who no longer wants to cook anything.  I love finding old cookbooks at yard and estate sales, especially hand written and collected recipes like this book that I picked up today in Dunkirk, NY.

This puppy has seen better days.  It is a three ring binder, with lined pages to write (or in this case, type) your favorite recipes.  There are also hand written recipes, and cut out recipes and pamphlets glued to the pages.  So I will start my little project with some of the tastier items from this cookbook, so wonderfully displayed by my daughter, Beth.

I hope to eventually put recipes of all sorts on this blog.  From my family, families of my friends, and families of those long forgotten and not remembered.  Food is a universal language… no matter how much we try to tell ourselves that it isn’t (my hips know the truth).

Feel free to comments, and especially comment if you try one of these old thyme recipes!  I’m sure that the authors of these treats would be thrilled to know that their recipes are being shared decades, and even a century after they passed them along to family in the first place.