Chili Sauce

I have decided I do not use chili sauce enough.  Even the Heinz 57 variety you buy in the store is a great change from boring old ketchup on whatever you would normally put ketchup on.  Especially scrambled eggs.  And tater tots.

I will inevitably, post several chili sauce recipes on here.  If I am ambitious enough in late August or early September, I might even try my hand at making a batch from one of these old recipes to bottle for the long winter.  But I also need to think about making hot sauce to keep the masses happy.  Makes 1 ½ gallons of sauce.  You’ll need a lot of bottles.

Why was this picture so terrible?  Yet it looks “artsy”.  We will stick with it.

Chili Sauce

3 ½ gallons peeled tomatoes

Boil down to 2 gallons and add 5 lbs. sugar, 10 oz. salt, 1 ¼ lbs. chopped onions, 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder of three toes (cloves) of garlic, ¼ teaspoon (level) red pepper flakes.  Boil 10 minutes and add 1 ¾ pints vinegar.  Cauterize (eek!  Reduce sounds nicer) this to about 1 ½ gallons, remove from fire and add 5 drops of oil of clove, oil of cassia and oil of nutmeg.  Stir good when adding oils – drop each drop of oil in a different spot in chili sauce.

You will want to bottle this while it is hot.  You could also put it in jelly or one pint canning jars while hot.  I’ve never used the oils mentioned.  I personally would just make a spice bag of ½ tablespoon whole cloves, a busted up piece of nutmeg, and probably a stick or two of cinnamon.

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