Peach Marmalade

Woooo more peaches!  I love peach anything.  I have even made peach ketchup, and man is that good, especially on pork or chicken!  This is a grand recipe for peach marmalade, using orange peel as the bits that make marmalade well… marmalade.  Advice of the person who typed this recipe was to put in several peach stones in the mixture and remove them when the mixture is cooked.  It gives “an exotic flavor”.  I’m all for that.

Peach Marmalade

5 lbs. of peaches and 5 lbs. of sugar or more, if you wish.  3 good oranges slices and cut very thin and cooked separately in a little water until tender, then add to mixture 2 small maraschino bottles of cherries cut up into sections, also the juice.  Add to the mixture when almost cooked.  Cook mixture 1 hour.  This makes 10 jelly glasses.

That is all the recipe says.  I’d peel your peaches and roughly chop them.  It certainly sounds easy enough and I’m sure it tastes wonderful.


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