Karin Casserole

I love casseroles.  They are the refrigerator cleaners of the cooking world.  You empty your fridge and put it in a pan and viola – a casserole.  This one actually sounds pretty good, and I might have to try it at some time.  It has a decidedly German style to it, and I’m all for stout German food.  Would be a great winter dish.

Karin Casserole

1 medium onion chopped

Cooking fat (margarine) I’d use olive oil – much better for you

1 lb. hamburger

1 can condensed tomato soup

1 wedge imported Danish bleu cheese

1 medium cabbage

Salt and pepper to taste

Cut cabbage into 4 quarters, remove hard core and parboil in salted water (about 10 minutes).  Meanwhile, fry onion in margarine in large fry pan.  Add hamburger and stir until it is browned.  Add can of tomato soup, salt and pepper to taste, and stir together.  Let simmer a few minutes.  Now assemble in greased casserole – first a thin layer of cabbage, then a layer of meat sauce, next sprinkle with ½ of the crumbled or finely cut bleu cheese.  Repeat until the ingredients are used up.  Top with another layer of cabbage and more cheese.  Keep layers of cabbage thin so sauce can get through.  Place in a pre-heated medium (350F) oven for about half an hour or until sauce bubbles through.  Good re-heated the next day (maybe better).

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