Carrot Conserve

This is such a usual and intriguing recipe.  If I didn’t think I’d be shot, I’d run out in my garden and pick all the multi-colored carrots happily resting there and make a batch of this pronto. After a exhaustive 10 second search on Google, carrot conserve appears to have it’s roots (ha ha… get it?  Roots???) in Portugal and India.  I’ve seen it described as everything from bitty carrot marmalade to carrot cake jam.  I have seen other recipes that say to add walnuts, plus cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.  It is then called carrot cake conserve.  Any way, I think I have talked myself into it and will be definitely making this during the fall.  It sounds too good to pass up.  I’ll certainly let everyone know how it turns out!

Carrot Conserve

1 ½ pounds carrots

1 ½ lemon rind and juice

1 ½ cups raisins, seedless

4 cups sugar

Cook carrots until tender, then chop fine with lemon rind and raisins.  Add sugar and cook slowly until thick.  Put in glasses, paraffin and set in cool place.



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