Dandelion Wine

I think dandelions get a bad rap.  And I’m sure they’ve gotten it from me, especially when they are securely embedded in my garden.  But think about it.  They are sunny and cheerful, you can eat the greens, the flowers made a fun game for kids (who remembers “Mama had a baby and her head popped off?”) and it can get you drunk.  I challenge someone to find a more useful pain in the ass weed.

My family has made wine a couple of times.  It can be fairly potent stuff.  And it can go very, very wrong.  Or it can be spectacular.  Never have made wine out of the weeds in my yard, but I’m fairly sure I could supply all the weeds needed to keep us all clonked for a few years.

Mrs. Hemmingway’s Dandelion Wine

6 quarts dandelion blossoms

Pour over them 1 gallon boiling water.  Let stand 2 nights, then strain through cheese cloth into a stone jar.  Add 2 oranges slices, less a little of peel.  Add 4 pounds sugar and 1 yeast cake, plus 1 cup soft yeast.  Let stand 3-4 days or a week will do no harm in a moderately warm room.  Then strain again through cloth and let stand and settle then put into bottles.  Let stand a month or 6 weeks in moderately warm room with thin cloth tied over tops then cork and set away.  Good in about 2 months thereafter.


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