Tomato Butter

I have made apple butter and peach butter.  I have a jar of pear butter in my cupboard from the Amish in nearby Conewango Valley.  I have made hot pepper butter, which is oh, so yummy on Ritz crackers, and hot, and peppery, and sweet.  And just good.  Now I will have to post my hot pepper butter recipe, too.  Any ways, do yourself a favor.  If you are planning on making apple or any type of fruit butter, do it in the crockpot.  It takes nearly all the work and slaving over the hot pot stirring away.  Just crank it up on high, leave uncovered, and stir it about once an hour.

Any references to this tomato butter shows it being used for anything from a fruit/veg dip, spread on crostini, on pasta… you name it.  Remember, it is sweet.  You can also adjust the amount of sugar in the recipe if you would like a more tomato paste type flavor.  I think it would be excellent spread on some toast made from a farm style bread.

Tomato Butter

3 pounds ripe tomatoes

3 pounds sugar

3 oranges, seeds and pith removed

3 lemons, seeds and pith removed

Chop all ingredients and cook for an hour.  Run through a food mill and continue cooking until thick.

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