Pepper Hash – MandJ’s and #2

Pepper hash is yet another type of relish.  Apparently they REALLY like relish back in the old days, probably because it didn’t need refrigeration and lasts forever because of the vinegar and salt usually involved.

For your consideration this evening are two versions of Pepper Hash from the 1901 Cookbook.  We are getting to the end of the cookbook – it’s slightly sad, because I love this book so much.  We will have many more adventures though in all the other cookbooks that I have and will acquire down the road.

Splendid Pepper Hash (MandJs)

½ quart green peppers, seeded

¾ quart red peppers, seeded

1 ½ quarts green tomatoes, seeded

1 ½ quarts onions

Grind all ingredients.  Pour boiling water over and let stand 5 minutes.  Drain.

2 quarts vinegar

8 level tablespoons salt

4 cups brown or white sugar

Put all ingredients in a non-reactive pan and when hot, put in the ground vegetables and cook 15 minutes and can.  Makes 4 quarts.


Pepper Hash #2

I will have to try one of these.  I’ve had corned beef hash, but never a veg hash. This one looks like a lot of work chopping!  Try running it through a grinder or chop roughly in a food processor.

1 head cabbage chopped fine

6 large onions, ground

8 large red sweet peppers, ground

Mix with ½ cup salt and let stand over night.  Drain and add:

1 tablespoon celery seed

¼ cup white mustard

2 cups sugar

Mix and cover with good vinegar.  Seal as tight as possible, as this requires no cooking. (I would refrigerate just to be safe).


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