Lemon Pop – 1915

Pop or Soda – the eternal geographical question.  Here in western New York, it is most definitely “pop”.  In other areas, it is soda.  The geographical lines for whether you say pop or soda are amusing to me.  Here is another great antique soda recipe from the Fleischmann’s Yeast pamphlet.

Lemon Pop

Old fruit crate labels are amazing.

1/2 cake Fleischmann’s Yeast

2 pounds granulated sugar

2 ounces ginger root

8 quarts boiling water

2 ounces cream of tartar

Juice of 7 lemons

Place ginger root (crushed) in pot, add sugar and boiling water, lemon juice and cream of tartar. Let stand until lukewarm, the add yeast dissolved in half cup water; stir well. Cover and let stand eight hours in a warm room; strain through flannel bag and bottle. Set bottles in  a cool place and put on ice as required for use.

This is a most refreshing summer beverage; as a thirst quencher nothing is superior.


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