Mac N Cheese – 1879

Obviously this is long, long before the fabulousness that is Kraft Mac N Cheese.  Who didn’t live on this during the 80s?  It was the easiest, and cheapest way to keep your family fed during some trying times.  Mac N Cheese is far better when made from scratch, and full of rich, fatty cheese and cream.

This recipe originally appeared in the April 1879 issue of Peterson’s Magazine and is copied exactly from that magazine.

Macarroni Cheese – This is macarroni flavored with cheese, and may be eaten without risk by most invalids.  Scrape two ounces of good-flavored, rich, new cheese into half a pint of cold water, let it boil gently for half and hour, strain out the cheese, and put to the liquid half an ounce of best Italian maccaroni broken in small pieces, a bit of butter the size of small walnuts, a pinch of pepper, and salt if necessary.  Let the maccaroni simmer gently until perfectly tender, when it will have absorbed all the liquid; then beat up the yolk of an egg with a teaspoonful of milk or cream; stir briskly into the maccaroni until it is lightly set, and assumes the appearance of cheese; serve immediately.


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