Savory Bread Pudding – 1879

I happen to be a huge fan of bread pudding.  Sweet, savory, with fruit, cheese… you name it.  This recipe is very adaptable.  It is the base for endless possibilities.  Experiment by adding different herbs like rosemary and thyme.  Add some sage and breakfast sausage along with a mild cheese for a great breakfast bake.  You could add dried cranberries, sage and use turkey broth instead for a wonderful Thanksgiving alternative.  Spinach and Gruyere cheese would also be amazing.  The possibilities are endless, so try things you like.

This is from the April 1879 issue of Peterson’s Magazine, and is copied verbatim.

Savory Bread Pudding – Pour half a pint of beef tea, boiling, over the crumb of a French roll.  Beat well together, and let it soak for half an hour; then add two eggs beaten with a quarter pint of boiling milk.  Season with pepper and salt, beat together for five minutes, put the pudding into  buttered tart dish, and bake rather quickly for three-quarters of an hour.  If there is no objection, an onion well boiled and beaten to a pulp may be added to the pudding.


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