Pear Recipes – 1869

Pears are one fruit that I actually prefer canned or cooked.  And there are so many wonderful varieties available, and just like apples, certain ones are better for eating, baking, stewing, etc.

Here is a set of recipes for pears from the October 30, 1869 issue of the South Side Signal, from Babylon, NY.

To Preserve Pears: For preserving, small pears are better than large ones.  Pare them and make a syrup with their weight of sugar and a little water.  Leave the stem on, and stick a clove in the bottom end of each.  Stew till perfectly transparent.

To Bake Pears: Take half a dozen fine pears, peel, cut them in halves and then take out the cores; put them into a pan with half a pound of sugar and some water; set them in a moderate oven till tender, then put them on a slow fire to stew gently.  Add grated lemon and more sugar, if necessary.

Stewed and Baked Apples: Pare and core some firm acid apples; stick cloves in them; fill the vacancy left by the core with sugar and some thin strips of lemon peel, if convenient, and put into a baking pan with just water enough to keep them from burning.  Bake until tender, but not until they break.  Eat cold, with whipped cream heaped over them, for dinner or plain cream for tea. The same could be done with pears.

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