Cranberry Puff Pudding – 1896

This was a clipped recipe, attached with an old straight pin into the 1896 cookbook.  Another cookbook that I purchased with this group is from Bowling Green, OH… and there are many pages of advertisements in it.  Whomever had purchased the book had glued or pinned clipped recipes onto these ad pages.  Which only made sense, since it was a cookbook, and I am assuming the advertisements meant nothing to Suzie Q. Homemaker in those days.  

This recipe utilizes more cranberries.  I would use fresh before I attempted this with frozen cranberries.  This bready pudding would be best served with a good vanilla bean ice cream, or fresh whipped cream that was lightly sweetened.

Cranberry Puff Pudding

One egg beaten light, one cupful of sweet milk in which dissolve one teaspoonful of soda, one heaping teaspoonful of cream of tartar sifted and thoroughly mixed with two cupfuls of flour and a little salt; add one cupful of cranberries, and steam one and a quarter hours. Serve with your favorite sauce.


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