Adventures in Canningland Pt. 2

Today was a nice cool day, so I decided to get the hot sauce done and bottled up.  Not much exciting to report beyond pictures!

Roasting garlic! Drizzle with olive oil and make a foil packet.

Wash your peppers good.  These now go on the grill.  Be very cautious.  While we were grilling them, they puffed up, and the violent oils start to steam, and that steam is lethal, especially the ghost chilis.  We were coughing and hacking, eyes burning about 20 feet away.  They really need to be handled with great caution.  Char your chilis nicely… let them sit, overnight even.  Peel the skin off, although you will not need to worry about getting every single piece off of it, as it will be removed during the milling process.

This is what the peppers look like after roasting and most of the skins removed.  I also wrapped a large onion in foil and set that on the grill to roast all day.  The result is pretty spectacular.

Stir, stir, stir, stir.
Milling the sauce.  I can do nothing without making a mess.
Perfect consistency!
Finished product.
This is a great batch of sauce, and I had fun doing it.

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