Corn Omelet

I love corn.  And I like eggs.  I just don’t like runny eggs.  They literally turn my stomach.  That really wasn’t a necessary addition to this post, but I’m in a sharing mood.  Now that it has passed, here is another handwritten recipe from an old cookbook purchased at a garage sale.  I believe this cookbook was from the north part of Chautauqua County, NY.  I seem to recall seeing Forestville written in the pages somewhere.  And since I couldn’t find a good picture of a corn omelet that didn’t look like recycled baby pooh, you are getting a picture of some corn that I took while out wandering in July.

Corn Omelet

1 cup canned corn


3 eggs

3 tablespoons butter

1/2 tsp salt

ground pepper to taste

Separate yolks from whites of eggs – beat yolks thick and add corn, salt, paprika and pepper.  Mix together well and fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Put butter in hot iron pan and turn mixture in spreading evenly.  Let stand over moderate heat about 30 minutes* then set in the oven to cook the top.  When no egg adheres to a knife thrust into the center of the omelet, remove it from the oven.  Cut across the center of the top, fold over and turn onto a hot platter.  Serve with cheese sauce.

*Keep an eye on this based on your egg-doneness preference.  30 minutes seems like an awful lot, even for a runny-egg scardey cat like me.


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