Odds and Ends

Old kitchen tips and household hints are often a hoot to read.  Here is a clipping found in my cookbook with some helpful kitchen hints from days ago.

One teaspoon of cornstarch added to each cup of sugar used in making fudge will make it smooth and creamy with little beating.

Rub your kitchen sink occasionally with kerosene to keep it in good condition. (Exactly what type of kitchen sink did they have??

Hot milk added a little at a time while mashing potatoes will make them light and fluffy.  Heat, do not boil, the milk.

Instead of cutting a paper for the bird cage each morning, cut six or seven papers, place them in the bird cage, and each morning remove the top one.

A tablespoon of vinegar poured into glue that has become hardened in a bottle will soften it.

If metal tops come off shoe strings, dip them in mucilage.  This will stiffen the ends and make it easy to put them through the eyelets.

To clean wall paper go over it with some rather stiff dough held in hand.  Knead the dough frequently, and change it when it becomes dirty.


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