Spruce Beer

It seems that in olden days, people would make “beer” out of whatever they could scrape off the floor of the barn.  This appears to be no exception.  While surfing around looking up the history of spruce beer, I see that it has been produced in Canada.  The individual who posted about the “beer” said that it was like he gnawed on the family Christmas tree.  I would say this is along the lines of a ginger ale.

Spruce Beer

When ten gallons of water, six pounds of molasses, and three pounds of bruised ginger have boiled together for an half an hour, two pounds of outer sprigs of the spruce-fir are to be added, and boiled for five minutes. The whole is then to be strained through a hair-sieve, and when milk warm, put into the cask, and a teacupful of good yeast stirred into it. When it has fermented for a day or two, it is to be bunged up, and the following day bottled. It wil be fit for use in a week. The ginger is sometimes omitted; and instead of the spruce-fir, three ounces of the essence may be used, which is to be well whisked together with the molasses and a gallon or two of warm water; then put into the cask, which is to be filled up with water, and the yeast added.


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