Egg Plant Sandwiches

Eggplant is one of those fruits (yup, you read that right) that you either love or hate.  It can be very, very good.  It can also be a horrendous, disgusting, bitter mess.  A good tip to remember when buying an eggplant is that bigger is definitely not better.  Choose a variety that grows long, narrow fruits.  The Chinese varieties are very tasty.  The French call them Aubergines… which, like almost anything in French, sounds utterly romantic.

Eggplant is technically classified as a berry.  It is in the same family as the tomato, nightshades.  It is also contains alkaloids that are similar to tobacco alkaloids.  That’s our little science lesson for the day!  I think this would be delicious as an appetizer.  A whole “sandwich” might be a bit much to eat.  I would also go a bit more highbrow with the cheese.  Make it mozzarella or even goat cheese.

Egg Plant Sandwiches

Slice thin 1/4 pound American cheese

Slice 1/4″ thick 1 small eggplant

Place a slice of cheese, sprinkled with salt and pepper, between two slices of eggplant.

Dip sandwiches in 1 egg beaten, then in 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flakes.

Brown slowly in hot fat.  5 servings.


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