Odds and Ends

I will be making Odds and Ends a Friday feature for now.  I have tons of these clipped tips and secrets for kitchen and home that are just fun to share.  So, while Don Draper over here helps out with the dishes with his magical power dish wand, lets look and see what tips we have this week.

Suggestions – Three Handy Hints

A housewife sends in the following suggestions:  Some day when in the kitchen and not too busy, brown a pint or more of flour for thickening soups and gravy and put in a glass jar, and wash and dry a package or two of raisins and currants and put also in glass jars.  These are so nice and convenient when you need them in a hurry.

Use a new clean flood mop or long handled brush to dust the automobile and see how quickly it is done.

Cheese Economy

If you will let the American cheese dry out and then grate it for your au gratin dishes, you will find it will go much further than if sliced thinly when fresh.  Dried cheese will cook very much better than fresh cheese, also, and is much less inclined to get “gummy”.


Did you save the paraffin from the preserves and jellies?  It can be washed and melted again this summer now you are doing up your new stock of jellies and jams.

Gives New Life

If a maline scarf has become limp and bedraggled use a solution of gum arabic to rejuvenate it.




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