Mock Olives

Some mock recipes can be great. Mock apple pie, for instance, made from Ritz crackers and no apple, is amazing. You wouldn’t know it wasn’t made with any actual apples.  I imagine recipes like this came out of necessity, and not boredom.  So here is a recipe for Mock Olives, copied out of one of my prized handwritten cook books, circa 1910.

Mock Olives

Take white sweet cherries and wash.  Do not hull or take off stems.  Put into cans* – fill can half full of cold water then fill with vinegar and add 1 tablespoon of salt for each quart of cherries.  Seal.

Mrs. Stafford’s Rule – 1 cup vinegar to two tablespoons salt heated and then cooled before adding to a quart of fruit, place in jar and then fill with water after fruit is in.


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