Green Rice

Parsley is a fickle herb.  When used properly, it adds wonderful flavor to almost anything.  When used too much, it can be overpowering and unappetizing.  I often will chop chives or parsley and add it to rice with a little butter.  This takes it a couple steps further, making a tasty and fragrant green rice.  Try starting with about half the parsley at first, then decide if you would like to add the full cup.

Green Rice

1 ½ cups raw rice

1 cup grated sharp cheese

¼ cup melted butter

2 tbsp. grated onion

1 cup chopped parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

3 egg yolks, beaten

3 egg whites, stiffly beaten

Cook rice and drain well. Add cheese, butter, onion and parsley to rice and mix well. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir in egg yolks and then fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. (If mixture seems stiff and dry, add about ½ cup cream or canned milk). Pour into greased casserole and bake at 375 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes, covered. Serves 6 to 8.



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