Odds and Ends







Salt will remove discoloration from the inside of the coffee pot, and egg stains from the silver.

To Remove Paraffin From Jelly

When making jelly, always place a narrow strip of wax paper on top of the jelly, leaving the ends extending over the edge of the glass, before pouring the paraffin.  Then, when ready to use jelly, you can lift the paraffin off in a whole cake. – Mrs. Rivers, S.C.

Aid in Making Pie Crust

When mixing the flour and shortening for pie crust instead of two knives try a wire potato masher.  It is much quicker and cuts the ingredients into those little flakes so essential to good pie crust.  It also keeps it cool. – Mrs. J.E. Matthews, Fla.

Melted butter mixed with strained honey is nice to serve on waffles, says Anne Shirley, motion picture actress.


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