Odds and Ends

To Restore Frozen Plants

As soon as discovered, pour water over the plant, wetting every leaf thoroughly.  In a few moments it will be crystallized with a coating of ice.  While in this state place it in the dark, covering with newspaper.  The ice will slowly melt, leaving the plant in its original state of  health.

To Clean a Velour Hat

Oatmeal is an excellent substance for cleaning a soiled velour hat.  Coarse oatmeal, rubbed on the hat with a clean dry cloth, takes all the dirt out.  The oatmeal must be renewed every now and then, and care must be taken to rub all parts of the hat otherwise a streaky effect is produced.  The hat should afterwards be well brushed to free it from the oatmeal flour and to restore the pile.

To Sharpen Scissors

To sharpen a pair of scissors, take the steel used to put an edge on the carving knife and insert the steel between the two blades, at the same time “snipping” the blades lightly on the hard steel.  A splendid cutting edge will result.

When Making Aprons

Recently while making several new aprons of gay, printed material bound with a matching color, I had the bright idea that it would be convenient as well as attractive to have potholders to match the aprons, which when not in used could be kept in the ample pockets of the garments.  I bound each potholder with the same color as its matching apron and always wash both at the same time. – M.L.D.



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