French 75

One often wonders where cocktails receive their names from.  Supposedly, this cocktail was named for a French artillery gun used during World War I, and it is very popular around Bastille Day. It reportedly has such a kick that it is like getting shelled by a Howitzer!  This has everything in it that a gal could ask for in a cocktail: Bubbles, Gin, Citrus, Bubbles, Gin and some fizzy champagne stuff.

Please note: This is not a single serving!

“French 75”

2 fifths champagne

1 bottle (fifth) gin

2 28 oz. bottles ginger ale

1 6 oz. can frozen lemon juice (not lemonade)

1 block of ice

Note on buying ingredients: Do not purchase the best champagne, as gin and ginger ale do nothing for it. The secret is what it does for them! A good gin is recommended.

Chill the ingredients prior to mixing. Just before serving, pour ingredients over block of ice and stir well. If you serve “French 75’s” in champagne glasses, this recipe makes 30 generous drinks.

Note on serving: Remember this popular punch is potent!  As with any liquor, please enjoy responsibly!

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