I know that we are now far removed from summer.  But it must be summer somewhere, correct?  So that should give anyone ample excuse to drag out the biggest container they know and make a vat of sangria.  I’m not sure which is more enjoyable: drinking the fruity wine concoction, or eating the wine soaked fruit.

I suggest you find a nice comfy chair to spend the evening in and do both.

Sangria (as made in Spain)

 1 bottle dry red wine

3 oz. brandy

Lemon juice

Orange juice



6 oz. soda water

Slices of orange and lemon

Put wine and brandy in a large pitcher. Add orange juice and lemon juice and sugar and cinnamon to taste. Add soda and enough ice cubes to chill. Float lemon and orange slices on top and serve from pitcher. Serves six to eight.

Add additional fruit as you desire.  Grape halves, apples, peaches, any citrus, pears, the possibilities are endless, and the fruit is delicious after soaking in the wine.



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