Odds and Ends

Keep flowers fresh by putting  pinch of soda in the water.

Vaseline rubbed well into the scalp will increase the growth of hair.

If sassafras bark is sprinkled among dried fruit, it will keep out the worms.

Ammonia will make all glass shine is a small amount is used in the washing water.

Remove grease from garments by sponging with one tablespoonful of salt to four of alcohol.

Molasses used in cooking should be previously boiled and skimmed.  This removes the raw taste.

EGG STAINS – To remove from spoons, rub with common salt.

FLANNELS – Washing.  The proper way to wash woolen garments or socks is to rub them gently through warm suds of white hard soap, with a teaspoonful of powdered borax to each two gallons.  Rinse in clear water (warm) and dry quickly.

TO REMOVE MUD STAINS FROM FABRICS – Rub with cut raw potato or sponge with wear ammonia or with baking soda dissolved in water.

TO REMOVE RUST FROM STEEL ARTICLES – Rub with sweet oil, leave for twenty-four hours, then sprinkle with unslacked lime and rub off.



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