Kentucky Bourbon Balls

More booze! I do not know if I have ever had one of these, but I think I’d like to have maybe 20 of them at once.  Then I would go into some sort of quasi sugar shock drunken stupor, which might be entertaining for those around me.  This is obviously an adults only cookies, so make sure the munchkins are dipping in these when finished.

Kentucky Bourbon Balls

50 pecan halves

100-proof bourbon, about 1 pt.

1 stick butter, softened

2 boxes confectioners’ sugar

3 squares Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate


Place pecan halves in jar, fill jar with enough bourbon to cover pecans. Seal jar and soak for 24 hours. In one bowl, mix butter and one box of sugar. In another bowl, mix bourbon from pecans and second box of sugar. Combine two mixtures and refrigerate until chilled. Roll into balls with a pecan in the center of each. Coat balls in chocolate that has been melted with a small sliver of paraffin. Store bourbon balls in a tin box in a cool place Makes 50 balls.


2 thoughts on “Kentucky Bourbon Balls

  1. Ingredient amounts are off. A pint of bourbon is much too much. Three squares of chocolate doesn’t come close to what one needs. Paraffin amount should be more specific. A box of confectioners sugar is too vague. 1 lb., or 2 lbs.? Putting balls in refrigerator or freezer before coating with chocolate would be a helpful tip.

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