Brown Sugar Icing and Cocoa Icing

Since everyone bakes in the winter, I thought I would post a couple recipes for homemade icings that are really yummy.  Taste soooo much better than the container stuff.  The brown sugar frosting is good on simple yellow cake, or a spice cake.  Experiment with different types of cocoa.  You can get the plain, dark chocolate, or the deep black cocoa that is truly black.  And oh, so yummy.

Brown Sugar Icing

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup white sugar

1/3 cup water

Beat until it spins a thread, then add 2 well beaten egg whites. Beat until thick.


Cocoa Icing

½ lb. powdered sugar

1 tbsp. butter

3 tsp. cocoa

Enough hot coffee to make it spread well.



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