Dr. Chase’s Recipes

Oh how I  love old books.  Here we have a wonderful addition to the Old Thyme library:  Dr. Chase’s Recipes or Information for Everybody.  This particular edition was printed in 1866.  With the Morocco Gilt on the cover, it cost a whopping $2.00 when new.



The title page is the epitome of awesome.

Dr. Chase’s Recipes; on INFORMATION FOR EVERYBODY: AN INVALUABLE COLLECTION OF ABOUT EIGHT HUNDRED PRACTICAL RECIPES FOR Merchants, Grocers, Salon-Keepers, Physicians, Druggists, Tanners, Shoe Makers, Harness Makers, Painters, Jewelers, Blacksmiths, Tinners, Gunsmiths, Farriers, Barbers, Bakers, Dyers, Renovators, Farmers, and Families Generally.

You can see the full title page by clicking on the thumbnail here. You could pretty much save the world with everything that is in this book, it appears.  Some of the medical advice is certainly cringe worthy.  I also saw a recipe that called for “Carbonate of Ammonia” which is the same thing as smelling salts.  Not exactly what I would consider as something to put in my next pie crust.  There are a couple of wonderful recipes in here though… one of them which is apple custard.  I have not finished looking through the cooking section, but that is one of the first items that caught my attention.  I will enjoy sharing some of these very old recipes with you all.

And by the way, if you are needing to figure out how to make an apparatus capable of supporting your horse when it is lame…




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